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After a few years of spinning with a Turkish drop spindle and weaving off loom, a desire crept into my life to create and restore woven furniture. In 1978 I began my business Reed Weaver. I have been gifted with the opportunity of weaving Reeds, Grasses, Barks and Leather the past 31 years. I continue to be thrilled with the array of materials and patterns that fill my life.

Services Offered:
  • Furniture Repair

  • Hand Caning, Rush, Reed,
    Danish Cord Seatweaving

  • Wicker Restoration

  • Rattan Repair & Restoration

  • Insurance Claims

  • Furniture Refinishing

My commitment as Reed Weaver is to the continuing appreciation of wicker as an art form through quality wicker work. My business is the careful repair and restoration of wicker and rattan furniture as well as the custom design and fabrication of wicker furniture and accessories. My art also includes all woven forms of seating: Cane, Rush, Splint, and Danish. Reed Weaver offers stripping (not often recommended) and refinishing. I use the finest oil base products to keep your wicker supple. May I weave for you?

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Professional Restorer, Owner:
Reed Weaver Heffelfinger

Reed Weaver
West 44th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55424

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I have had wicker sent to me from all parts of the United Stated and Canada. I offer a Pick-Up and Delivery service within and around the Twin Cities area, for a fee. If you make an appointment and bring your pieces to me I will tell you everything I know regarding their restoration free of charge.

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