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The PRI web site is a directory of professional restorers, refinishers, conservators and specialists. Each PRI member has an informative Bio page which outlines the range of their expert services, history and service area. Through a search of these member pages, a prospective client can find the appropriate person for their project.

The range of antique restoration, preservation and conservation services available from PRI members is astounding. Many offer high-end services for museums, historical land marks and private collectors, work that requires specialized education, skills, equipment and years of practice. Others specialize in on site repairs for retail furniture stores or repairing transit moving damage. Still others perform refinishing of antiques, pianos, kitchens, and repairs to Grandpa's old rocker or Grandma's silver. Below is a partial list of the varied services available from PRI members and other restorers listed within our directories. If you are unfamiliar with the technical jargon on our site, we have prepared a Terminology & Definition Glossary page that should answer most questions.

To get a better understanding of the antique restoration process and insight on how furniture, wooden objects, silver, porcelain, wicker, gold leaf frames, paintings and many other objects are treated to bring them back to their original beauty, you can read articles from experts in many different disciplines in our Restorers Notes section. One of PRI's goals is to educate and demystify the antique and collectable restoration process whether it be a priceless piece of fine art or a cherished family heirloom. Preserving and protecting you priceless objects economically is what the professional members of PRI do best, with high ethical standards.

Professional Refinishers Guild

What sets many PRI members apart from the rest of the field is their ability to work together on new and some times difficult projects. This is accomplished through the Professional Refinishers Guild (PRG), a free email discussion forum. Members collaborate together to share tips, techniques, product reviews and regional business trends, as well as recommending each other to clients searching for a unique or specialized service.

If you are a professional restorer, refinisher, upholster, cabinet maker, etc., we invite you to join, both to share and learn from other PRI members through the Professional Refinishers Guild (PRG) email discussion forum. It's free and membership is open to any professional in the restoration trades. It is not a DIY forum, nor a forum for home crafters.

PRI is a grass roots organization.
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Antiques Roadshow generally agrees with this notion: That well-conceived and well-executed refinishing and restoration usually enhances the value of just about any piece of old furniture.
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Why Refinish?

Few private collectors fully understand the need for conservation and refinishing of their fine furnishings. It is an endeavor they might often easily dismiss as too costly and unnecessary. The necessity of refinishing rests in the fact that every is deterating. As to cost, conservation is no less important than any other expense in protecting a valuable belonging.

Wood is very sensitive to water and changes in relative humidity. As the weather changes from season to season, so does the humidity in your home and also the moisture content of your wood furniture. This situation causes the wood to expand and contract with every change in the humidity. The purpose of any wood finish is to minimize the effects of moisture changes by sealing the wood.

Refinishing your Furniture is an economical way to restore the beauty and extend the useful life by protecting the wood from moisture and abrasions. Rejuvenate to the original look or change the color to fit you current decor. Enlist the help of a professional furniture refinisher and protect your investment today.