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My wood working skill date back to my childhood. My father was a furniture maker and began teaching me simple skills at the age of five. I became involved in the framing industry in the 1970's and started my own business in 1983. My interest in hand made frames and gilded surfaces took hold as my business evolved. In the late 80's and early 90's, I began to study the gilding arts with the some of the most prominent water gilders, restorers and frame makers in the US. I joined the international organization of the Society of Gilders in 1995 and eventually served as President for 7+ years. I continue to serve as a trustee and on the executive committee of the Society. I also teach water gilding, toning of gilded surfaces, restoration and woodcarving.

Services Offered:
  • Gold Leafing

  • Water Gilding

  • Frame Restoration

  • Gilded Object Restoration

  • Hand Carving

  • Antique Restoration

Through my many years of experience I have become well recognized throughout the USA as one of the top artisan frame makers and gilded surface restoration specialists. The water gilding that I have been trained to do uses the sames traditional techniques and methods used by Italian gilders from the 14th century. The restoration of gilded frames and objects is done within the parameters of conservation standards. Preservation and sensitivity to existing gilded surfaces is seen as the most important aspect to the work that I do in the studio. A tremendous amount of detail and time is spent on the toning of restored surfaces to match existing gilded surfaces or to be period appropriate to the frame or object.

The historical knowledge of European and American frames, that I have acquired over my 20 years practicing gilding and restoration gives me the advantage to make better decisions about the treatment to be given to gilded surfaces that I am asked to work. I service private clients, museums curators, painting conservators and interior designers.

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Professional Restorer, Owner:
Peter H. Miller

P. H. Miller Studio, Frame-makers, Inc.
495 Main Street South
Woodbury, CT 06798

Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 5:30

Voice: 203-263-3939
Cell: 203-206-3423

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I service clients in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic state, Chicago, California and Hawaii. Through shipping and packing services and the internet, many long distance issues and concerns can be eliminated.

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Society of Gilders


P. H. Miller Studio, Frame-makers, Inc.

Professional Restorers International
Charter Member Since 2009