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I learned to cane in 1974. That seems a long time ago ! I learned hand caning 34 years ago from a "Shop" teacher. The classes were free, and I thoroughly enjoyed the weaving. I was really "hooked". Now I teach classes, also for free. It is my way to pay it forward, and to do something for my community.

I am a Founding Member of "The SeatWeavers Guild". I love my craft. When I teach my free classes, I make each student do it right! I am very fussy about the correct way of doing any of the weaves.

Services Offered:
  • Hand Caning, Rush, Reed,
    Danish Cord Seatweaving

  • Wicker Restoration

  • Furniture Repairs

  • Cane & Wicker Instruction

Besides teaching caning and wicker I do repairs on all seat weaves, such as Herringbone, Splint, Porch Weave, Rush, Shaker Tape, all English designs, and Blind or French cane work. If a chair seat needs weaving of any kind I can figure out exactly how to duplicate the design.

I am excited when someone brings me a chair--- it is like a gift, and I get to work on another chair !

Wicker Repair Close-up
Hand Caning
Wicker Restoration
English Rush Seat
Wicker Repair
Rush Seatweaving

Janet Noall Cane & Wicker Repair

Professional Restorers International
Charter Member Since 2009