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Use this form to add your non-member information to your state or providence directory listings and to up-date or correct your current listing.

We reserve the right to accept or reject listing applications at our discretion.

It is assumed that the information you are providing is accurate, correct and with no errors. We will not correct spelling, capitalization, grammar, etc. Your copy is cut and pasted to your state list as is. The charge for edits after publishing is $10.00 so make sure you check your Information before submitting.

You can have a Bold listing on your state's directory page for $5.00 (half off) if you maintain a text link back to PRI on your web site.

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There is a one time fee of $10.00 to add a listing or change a current listing. Or $5.00 if you maintain a link back to PRI on your site.

There is no fee to have your listing removed.
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    $5.00   with a reciprocal link on your site.

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